Prime Glass Windows & Doors has been the leading glass repair expert for years. Our residential and commercial clients in the GTA and Markham, ON area, rely on us for our excellent service in replacing their glass doors and windows.



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Markham Emergency Repair for Glass

When you have a broken glass window or door, our emergency service team can come out and replace your glass and make your window look new again. We provide board-up service so your home or business will remain secure during the repair. When you want fast and premium professional quality in glass window and door replacement, you can count on Prime Glass Windows & Doors to deliver the very best. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Your home’s windows allow light to brighten your home. They protect you and your family from the outside elements. They are designed to remain strong for years. However, sometimes the glass weakens from wearing out or from bad weather, and it can chip, crack or break unexpectedly. When that happens, contact Prime Glass Windows & Doors right away, and we can replace your window so you can enjoy your great view once again.

We provide emergency services 24 hours a day. We can replace any type of replacement of glass windows or entry doors. When your window is damaged, it is not a disaster because our window experts can come out and replace it for you right away. Prime Glass Windows & Doors has more than 14 years of experience specializing in the installation and replacement of windows and doors. We are proud to offer you the highest quality of service and will complete our job efficiently and to your 100% satisfaction.

Glass Repair Markham
Broken Glass Window Repairs In The Markham

Broken Glass Window Repairs In The Markham Area

Sometimes windows to a commercial building break because of vandalism, break-ins, and violent acts. Sometimes deliveries of big items or a car can damage window glass. This is when you need emergency glass replacement or window repair services in your place of business in the Markham area.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We understand that security is often an issue, and it is our goal to make sure that your private and business properties stay secure and safe. We offer our glass and window replacement services to both residential and commercial clients. We can send our window experts to your location at any time of the day. It only takes about 30 minutes for our 24/7 emergency expert glazier team to come to your location and repair the problem.

Commercial Door and Window Glass Replacement in Markham

We serve residential and commercial clients in the Greater Toronto area, Durham, and York Region. The services we offer include:

– Emergency repair of glass
– Emergency repair of storefronts
– Emergency window replacement
– Emergency board-up services

Visit our service page for a complete list of the emergency glass repair services that we offer 24/7. We offer full installation, replacement and repair. Call us for a free consultation and cost estimate.

Emergency Residential & Commercial Glass Services

Premium Work on Installation, Replacement and Repair of Vestibules

Our team of experts has extensive experience and skill in working on complex projects that demand great attention to detail. Our 24/7 emergency services include the replacement and repair of storefronts, windows, and entry doors. You can have peace of mind that we guarantee your total satisfaction in every project we work on. Call us for a free estimation today and work with the best in the industry.


At Prime Glass Windows & Doors, we give you fast and professional results. Whatever your needs are with glass, our team of experts can assist you. We work together with you to find out the exact specification in glazing and design. Our glass technicians are all highly trained and certified and have more than 14 years of extensive experience working on all types of glass designs. Work with us and take advantage of our expertise.


Whether you need glass services for your home or business, our expert and friendly glaziers will deliver the highest quality in professional results. They are meticulous with details when working with glass and glazing. The excellence in quality is unmatched in the profession. When you need emergency glass repair, call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we can come to assist you without delay.

commercial door glass repair

Window Replacement for Residential and Commercial Clients in Markham, ON


We pride ourselves in our fast response and high quality of service, which is unmatched by our competition. Our rates are also competitive so you can enjoy results that you love at a price that you can afford.


Our window replacement experts at Prime Glass Windows & Doors know all about the best techniques and procedures to use when dealing with glass. We offer high-quality results at an affordable price. Our team of experts can install and replace all types of windows, including high-efficiency vinyl and aluminum windows.


Cleaning windows on the lower level of your house might be easy, but cleaning old windows that are on the second or third floor of your building is difficult and often dangerous when trying to clean the exterior side. Our innovative modern windows designed for residential and commercial properties are simple to clean when we replace your windows. They can rotate or tilt so that you can safely clean both sides of the glass from the inside.


Our window replacement service replaces your windows with modern and strong ones. The window frames are slimmer for a more attractive profile. This allows more surface area for the glass, thus letting in more light to brighten your home or office environment. When you compare it to your old window, you can see a real improvement. The new windows also insulate sound better, so this is an additional benefit that you can enjoy.


Types of Windows in Replacement and Repair


When we replace windows for our Markham residential and commercial clients, we offer window glass products that will save you energy. A window replacement that is installed properly will make your residential or commercial space more energy efficient. The reduction in energy usage will save you money on your energy bills.


We offer windows replacement and installation services that are budget-friendly to our residential and commercial customers in the GTA and York Region, including Markham, Toronto, Aurora, Vaughan, and Richmond Hill, ON.


In addition, our emergency services in repairing glass and storefronts are offered to residential and commercial clients in Toronto, Scarborough, North York, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Aurora and Vaughn.


Installation of Thermal Glass In Markham, ON


Our residential and commercial clients in the Markham, ON region love these windows’ energy efficiency. Our services include:


– Emergency thermal glass installation, repair, and replacement
– Commercial thermal glass installation, repair, and replacement
– Residential thermal glass installation, repair, and replacement




What Is A Thermal Window and Glass?

Thermal windows are constructed in a way that offers energy efficiency for residential and commercial applications. These are also called thermal pane windows or thermal pane glass windows. Homes and businesses around the world use these types of windows to cut down on the energy consumed and the cost associated with it.

Thermal glass, or energy efficient glass, is a glass system produced for modern windows systems that use a twin or triple configuration.


Are there benefits to walls made of glass?

Glass partitions in an office setting offer many benefits. The glass makes the office environment brighter, with a cleaner and transparent look. It makes the space more open and attractive. The next time you plan to redecorate your office space, consider using glass partitioning in your office area.

Glass partitions also allow you to customize them with various designs. You can apply your company logo or brand to the glass surface. You can divide the work area without making the office environment look small. glass lends a more modern and streamlined look that is popular in modern offices.


How long does installation take?

We also try to remove and replace your windows from the exterior side of your home. We avoid disturbing you or damaging your valuables by working outside.

If we do need to enter your home to do the job, we will protect your floor with tarp and will diligently vacuum any debris that the project creates so that your living environment will remain clean and tidy.

Our expert window technicians work fast with great efficiency. We always clean up after the job. We will remove any old window materials and properly dispose of them. After the job is complete, we will collect payment for the remainder of the balance.


What is the cost of a window replacement?

The cost of replacing a window for our Markham, ON residential or commercial client is determined by a number of factors. These include the material used and added services like retrofitting, modifications on the frame, and any type of customization. When you call us, we can come by your place of residence or business and provide you with a free estimate of your window replacement.


Will the window replacement affect hydro costs?

Just replacing one window might not make much difference in your hydro bill. However, if you choose to replace all of your windows with energy-efficient ones, you can expect significant savings in your hydro bill.


When should I replace my windows?

If your windows are damaged, you should replace them as soon as you can. If it is not urgent and you are just interested in upgrading your windows, the best time to do this is during spring or summer when the weather is nicer. Poor weather conditions occur more often during autumn or winter, which will impact the quality of the windows’ caulking and insulation.

Glass Repair Service Areas

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