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When it comes to having glass doors installed in your home or commercial location, settling for second rate quality or inexperienced installation crews is simply not an option. 

To ensure the peace of mind that comes from a fully functional glass door that will stand the test of time, you need the local professionals with years of experience and an outstanding record of service throughout the local community.

door installation and repair

Reliable glass door installation experts

At Prime Glass Windows and Doors, you won’t have to compromise quality, skill or experience to get a competitive price for your glass door installation. Even if you will be choosing a low-risk glass door situated in a bathroom or bedroom, you need top-notch installation services to ensure the job is done right. We apply a high level of diligence and attention to details in large projects and storefront glass and nothing less in the smaller projects.

Because we have extensive experience in installing glass doors throughout Toronto and the GTA we know what it takes to complete an exemplary performance in all types of situations. Our extensive experience has provided us with the meticulous process and resourcefulness to exceed our customers’ expectations and this is how we have managed to stay on top of the game in a competitive industry.

If you are interested in our superior brand of glass door installation and maintenance services, read on to learn more about what we offer.

Here are some of the projects in which we have extensive experience:

Complete Door Installation Toronto Services

Our cordial and attentive representatives are waiting to learn more about your project. Are you planning a construction? Are you improving your home? Are you looking for something that will withstand considerable wear-and-tear? We have the perfect solution at an unbelievable price.

Do you have a glass door that is beginning to look and feel its age?

After considerable use and the passage of innumerable customers through your doors, they can be expected to get a bit run down. But we can restore your glass doors to their original splendor.

Front door installation masters

Excellence is all that matters and at Prime Glass we have a passion for excellence that reveals itself in all our projects great and small. It is the quality of the installation process that provides that touch of superior excellence that makes a glass door a thing of beauty and is essential when working on a perfect main entry point. In addition to a door that is elegant and beautiful, you need a door that will withstand the attrition of the elements and the use of many people passing through each day.

When you call in the experts from Prime Glass, you can expect doors of the highest quality. Not only will our doors withstand the force of attempted break-ins but the ongoing attrition of the elements as well. The quality of the materials is exceeded only by the quality of construction and the diligence and meticulous process of our installation work.

When you call us for the most reliable front doors, you can actually take advantage of a wide variety of benefits as well. Our doors provide superior security against break-ins, soundproofing against the noise outside and energy saving that preserves the thermal pocket of your location. If you add to this the superior installation work, you have a bargain for a very affordable price.

Internal doors are installed with equal diligence

Interior doors may not have such a high demand for security or protection from the wind, rain and sunlight, but we apply equal diligence and careful planning when installing interior doors as well. Furthermore, we send installation technicians to supply you with the doors you need. We offer interior glass doors of every shape and kind. With an extensive variety of materials, colors, shapes and sizes, we are sure you will find the perfect door for your home no matter what you are looking for.


There are so many doors in your home you are bound to want to change some of them out eventually. A glass door in the interior of the home is perfect for letting the light shine through while maintaining privacy. Whether you are looking for French Doors, pocket doors or any other kind of door you can imagine, we are the service to call.

Toronto door installers you can fully trust

Skills and experience are important when choosing an installation company to handle your project. While it is important that your door is made of top-quality materials and with the perfect size and shape, can you imagine the catastrophe of having a fine door installed incorrectly?

This is something you will never have to worry about when you call in our team of professionals. We apply skill and experience in installing all our doors.

Why choose us for your house doors installation

Naturally, for a task of this magnitude, you can feel a little concerned about the installation crew you choose. We understand this and want you to feel completely at ease with your selection. This is why we invite you to call us up and learn more about our superior services.

But here are the top reasons why you should favor Prime Glass for all your glass door installation needs:

Top-Quality Materials — we only offer the best materials that will last long as your pride and joy.

One Stop Shop — we provide all the services you need from planning, precision preparations, diligent installations and ongoing maintenance.

Industry Leaders — we strive to stay atop the game and ahead of the competition with experienced technicians, state-of-the-art equipment and a passion for excellence.

Reliable Glass Repair Services

No matter the size or specifications of your project, we are the team to choose. We offer superior services and top-quality products to fit your budget. If you don’t believe us, just ask our extensive list of satisfied customers for their options and response to our superior work. Call us today at 416-627-0883 to learn more about our superior glass door services.

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