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Professional Door Frame Repair

Are you in need of door frame repair? Frames of your door can get damaged. This can impact not only the aesthetics of your door but also its function. Whenever this happens, you’ll want to get it fixed. Luckily, you can count on Prime Glass Windows and Doors to assist. We can diagnose what’s happening and give you a cost-effective solution to get your door back to working again.


We strive to assist you in maintaining your door frames’ long-term function and integrity. That way, you can get your doors working like new without spending thousands on replacing them. We know how vital your doors are to your home. We have professional estimates and installers that are door frame repair experts to ensure you are getting accurate quotes and the best results. Our experts can handle any door type or brand. It doesn’t matter if you need your doors repaired at home or your place of business; no one can offer the professional service we do at Prime Glass Windows.

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Broken Door And Frame Replacements

You don’t want to risk having yourself or your family members get locked out. You can call us right now to handle your door frame repair.

When our experts get on site, they will measure everything. They’ll write down the most pertinent details to ensure you get the best solutions and the most accurate quote. The quote will come with zero obligations. You can utilize the quote as a reference point if you want to get your home insurance or landlord to pay for it.

We can install any frame, door, or lock. We will provide you with security advice too. That way, you can keep some safe and secure going forward. We will also be able to handle any other installation you need us to do while we are there. We have a fully qualified, experienced, and a friendly team capable of addressing any concerns you may have professionally and efficiently. 

Toronto's Most Trusted and Professional Door Frame Repair Services

We know how vital the door frames are to the structural integrity of your door and the security of your building. As such an integral component of your door, getting your frame repaired quickly is always recommended if there are signs of malfunction and damage. Whether your door isn’t shutting correctly or it’s been damaged beyond repair from being kicked in, we can handle the issue without worry.


This is what we specialize in. We can repair and install any door, whether it’s residential or commercial. We also offer professional installation services for both window and garage doors. We even provide emergency services for anyone that requires immediate assistance.

Choosing The Right Door Frame Repair Company In Toronto

You can count on us to deliver on our promises. There are plenty of different companies to choose from in the marketplace. However, you cannot always count on getting quality results with every one of them. Picking the right company comes down to figuring out which one will do exactly that.


A professional repair company that you can count on will have skilled and experienced professionals working around the clock who are well versed in handling door frames and other problems. They will fully know about different issues you could experience with your doors. For instance, they would know how to correct sagging issues and install new locks on a new door frame.

24-Hour Emergency Door Frame Repair Services

We offer a door repair estimate completely free of charge. You don’t need to provide any credit card details or other information, and you will be able to use it as often as necessary.

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We can assist if you require professional door frame repairs within the Toronto area. We offer experienced door repair specialists that can handle any door problem or repair.

Toronto Door Repair And Replacement – Forced Entry Door Repair

You can count on us to handle any situations that call for emergency help. If you’ve experienced a break-in and need to repair your door immediately, we offer 24/7 services. You’ll need to know a couple of things when considering a repair. If a door has been forcefully entered, it will likely split the frame. The locks will also be damaged. You must look at everything as a specialist to ensure nothing is missed. Our specialists will look over the door to ensure the right strategy is taken. Before any work starts, you’ll want to call the local authorities and get an inspection. This can help you file your claim with your insurance. We can help organize security for your front entrance for the night and start the repair process immediately.

How Do We Repair a Broken Front Door?

You can count on Prime Glass Windows and Doors when you experience a break-in or a break-in attempt. Once you’ve hired us for the job, we can get to it expeditiously. Some of the repair processes will be to determine the damage’s extent. If your door has too much damage, we will get a new door for installation. If your door isn’t standard, we can arrange to get a customized door made to order.

Other Door Issues


There will be a time when your front door fails for other reasons. It could be jammed, or it could be off the hinge. Regardless, we can assist. This is something that typically occurs when the foundation of the property begins to shift. Every property’s foundation is going to move ever so slightly. Weather changes usually cause this. However, you would need to be much more concerned if your foundation develops cracks. Because a standard door typically only has a gap of around 2 to 5mm, even the slightest changes to the foundation can cause issues. Prime Glass Windows and Doors has the experts on staff to ensure you get your problems resolved quickly and professionally.

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