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Do You Need Exterior Door Repair?

Your exterior doors leading outside are among the most important entrances and exits in any home or business. 

They serve a variety of functions, including keeping the weather at bay, and are among the first security barriers protecting the property. 

For this reason, even minor problems with exterior doors can have major implications – unless these problems are dealt with promptly.


An exterior door is essential to creating a good first impression. And it should be noted that no matter where that door is situated, the sides of the home or business, at the front of the property, or at the back – they will all lead outside and that means they are potentially a weak point in the security of the property. 

 It is for this reason that repairs to exterior doors need to be performed as quickly as possible. In fact, as soon as you notice an issue with an exterior door a qualified repair professional should be called in.
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Commercial glass window repair services in Toronto and GTA

Prime Glass Windows & Doors services Toronto and the GTA

Prime Glass Windows & Doors services ensure that a qualified and expert technician arrives at your property extremely quickly due to the efficiency of the company’s GPS-based dispatch system. 

Prime Glass Windows & Doors will provide you with a free cost estimate before repairs are performed – or you need to consider replacing the door.

Reasons that an Exterior door may need Repair or Replacement

Exterior doors are exposed to a variety of adverse weather conditions, and seasonal changes to temperature such as between summer and winter can increase the damage and wear caused by continuous use.

Vandalism and rough use (especially if there are children in the home) will affect the functioning of any door – and especially those on commercial premises that are exposed to high levels of foot traffic each day.

On arrival, your Prime Glass Windows & Doors technician will perform a detailed inspection of the door. This inspection will include an examination of hinges, weather strips, locks, door frames, and deadbolts (if these have been fitted). They will also be able to make adjustments to the alignment of the door should that be required, as well as apply lubricant, replace rusted or malfunctioning hinges, and other repairs to ensure that your exterior door is restored to ‘as new’ condition and functionality.

Make sure that the cold stays outdoors this winter – and that when summer comes your AC use is reduced. Energy is increasingly expensive so avoid wasting money and make sure that there are no gaps between the door and the frame – ensure that you are not able to see light around the edges of the door, feel a constant draft, or notice that the door is sagging.

If you notice any of these issues then contact Prime Glass Windows & Doors at (416) 627-0883 right now.

Why Choose Prime Glass Windows & Doors?

Prime Commercial Door Installation is proud to be the company you can count on for all your commercial door installation needs. We have well-trained, experienced technicians eager to help install and fix any problem with your business’ doors.

We understand that everything else in your business grinds to a halt when something goes wrong with your commercial door. That is why we work quickly and efficiently to get your door up and running again.

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