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Steel Door Repair Toronto Services

If you require professional repair for a malfunctioning or broken steel door or you are looking for commercial steel door repair, you can count on Prime Glass Windows. Prime Glass Windows has all of the professionals needed to fix your door no matter what’s wrong with it. 

Do you need a full door restoration? Do you have doorways coming off the joints? Here at Prime Glass Windows, you can get the help you need when it comes to repair and installation. It doesn’t matter when either as we offer around-the-clock service 365-days per year.

We have profess bional technicians with the best quality products and a stacked warehouse full of supplies to handle any job. We offer other services too. If you need wood door installation or refinishing solutions, we’ve got you covered. A metal access door along with a stable lock can offer a lot more protection than what you would get with a wooden door. Steel doors can offer unmatched protection and they can be used as indoor doors for your commercial property. We have skilled technicians working around the clock to ensure any adjustments are made to maximize the resilience of your doors and to keep your home or commercial business as safe as possible.

We have a full team of experts awaiting your call. When you choose us, we have a team of experienced professionals reviewing your specific situation. Your situation will be reviewed and we will provide you with a recommendation. That way you can get the help you need to be fully confident in whatever you choose. We have a wide range of selections to choose from when it comes to different steel doors, locks, frames, and accessories. 

We have professional and experienced installers that can help you narrow down your options to choose the right ones for your needs. You will not only get timely servicing, but you will get a comprehensive warranty backing it. It doesn’t matter if your door has been rusted or if it’s been completely unhinged, we know how important it is to get your door back to working condition.

Commercial Steel Door Repair Toronto

Here at Prime Glass Windows and Doors, we fully understand how important it is to have a properly functioning door for your business. After all, it’s one of the very first things a prospective customer sees when they enter your place of business. Thus, you want to ensure it’s working properly and it’s giving a good first impression.

That’s why you want to seek help from an experienced professional who knows what to look for and what to avoid when it comes to picking and choosing the right materials and other products. You want someone that can help to ensure your door is in the right working condition and that it’s built to last. We are not only a local business, but we have an excellent reputation across the board. We also offer one of the best warranties in the business to ensure you have peace of mind.

Rolling Steel Door Repair Toronto

All kinds of businesses, facilities, and local government infrastructures go with Prime Glass Windows and Doors because we have the highest attention to detail, the best customer service, and the best warranty. We strive to exceed every one of our customer’s expectations. We always stock our warehouse full of the best products and supplies to ensure we are ready for every job. We value our customer’s time just as much as our own. This is why we stick to schedules, project deadlines, and more. You are getting licensed and insured technicians that care about the work they do.

Our Steel Repair Toronto Services

A steel storage doorway can be a fantastic addition to any business or home. Unfortunately, these doors can get damaged over time. Likewise, they can also malfunction. If you require steel door maintenance or repairs, you can count on Prime Glass Windows and Doors to store your doors back to their original condition. You can call us today to get your no-hassle and no-obligation quote for service on the very same day.

Steel Door Frame Repair

We have professionals skilled and educated in helping ensure that your storage door and your garage door opener are operating as they should. We offer all brands, makes, and models along with different openers and doorway shapes. We specialize in everything from fixing broken glass doors to doing other things. We have mobile technicians that are well equipped to handle a variety of different problems on their first visit. No matter if you need repair, restoration, or refinishing, we can handle it.

Steel Door Dent Repair

Do you need a metal door dent restored? These things can happen. Steel doors may be resilient, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t immune to getting dented by a vehicle or other high-impact item. We have professionals working around the clock that can fix this type of issue without worry. We offer around-the-clock service 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Damaged Steel Door Repair Toronto

Here at Prime Glass Windows and Doors, we work with a range of different metal doors and offer comprehensive services to ensure you get all of your needs addressed. We can handle everything from showrooms to warehouses and practically anything else.

We have been pridefully exceeding all of our client’s expectations within the greater Toronto area for more than two decades. We offer the best and most comprehensive warranty coverage on all of the services we provide. We are insured, bonded, and accredited. You can contact us right now to get your accurate and no-obligation quote.


Contact us today for all your commercial aluminum door repair, maintenance, and replacement needs in Toronto and the GTA!

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