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Door hinges serve as a pivot point for opening and shutting doors. They are also used to secure a door to its frame. Hinges are an essential component of the construction, whether you are hanging a new door or changing an old one. Whenever they come apart, Prime Glass windows and doors are here to help. Here are our door hinge repair services in Toronto:

All doors come with a rating label which is placed on each part of the door, the hinge, door panel, and the frame.

Prime Glass Windows & Doors carry and work with all types of metal hallow doors so don’t hesitate to contact us for your next project.

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Commercial Door Hinge Repair Toronto

All doors have pivot hinges that help them turn or spin. These can be placed at any point of the door and have 4 main parts: the sleeves, pin, knuckles, and leaf. No matter the size and type, all pivots have comparative segments such as these. 


The type of pivot used on a door largely depends on the type of door. For instance, front section doors for homes and businesses are manufactured differently and require various types of pivots. There are also interior doors that include bureau doors and room doors, each of which has an extraordinary pivot of its own. 


The pivot, no matter how small, carries a lot of weight. It disposes of the door of the floor. Besides that, after numerous openings and closings, the pivots’ internal and external parts are bound to become loose or break. And worse, if someone was to break in or smash the door, it’s unsurprising that the entire pivot would be damaged for good. At that point, your only practical choice would be to replace the entire pivot and all of its components.


Door Hinge Repair Services 


  • Door pivot repair
  • Business Door pivot repair 
  • Installation of new door pivots
  • Installing new edges and doors
  • Replacement of broken pivot hinges with continuous hinges 

Here are some of the projects in which we have extensive experience:

Turn Pivots Repair and Replacement Toronto


Rotate pivots have been installed on many commercial doors. Every door uses no more than two or three turn pivots. Turn pivots have the drawback of being more susceptible to loosening up and coming. However, because private doors are frequently made of lighter-weight materials, employing turn pivots with them is not an issue.


When it comes to commercial doors, though, it’s a whole other issue. Commercial doors are heavy, typically made of metal or steel. When turn pivots are used on commercial doors, they bear an increased amount of weight. You might therefore be dealing with a broken part. In such a case, it is advised to replace a broken part with a ceaseless pivot. 


The benefit of such a pivot is that there is only one continuous pivot running the entire length of the door, as opposed to having two or three rotational areas. As such, the weight of the door is distributed evenly onto the strong frame, giving a sturdier finish. Consistent pivots are typically helpful for a considerable amount of time and rarely become fatigued. Defacing is the only notable factor that can threaten a steady pivot.

At Prime Glass Windows & Doors, you can rely on our cost-effective services to deliver each and every time while making our services highly affordable!

Door Hinge Maintenance Toronto

The pivots of a door will become worn out from all the opening and closing. Over time, your door can start to make odd noises or get more difficult to open. In such a case, the pivots require lubrication. If your door pivots are giving you problems, besides replacement, oiling is extremely necessary. Try fixing the screws on the pivot if the door won’t close. If this does not work, your screw holes may be too severely stripped. In this case, you need a professional. 

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Need door hinge repair, replacement, installation, or maintenance? Prime Glass windows and doors are here to help. For a free estimate and discussion of your best alternatives, give us a call at  4166270883.

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