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Same Day Glass Repair

The glass you select for your home could mean the difference between a safe and secure environment, or one that’s easy access for burglars. Your doors and windows have the ability to amp up the curb appeal of your property while protecting your valuables inside.

Whether your windows are dated, cracked glass or require a glass repair, or your door glass replacement needs, we can help! Installing and repairing home glass is our specialty, and our services can include creating unique artful home decorations and replacing broken window glass! Additionally, our replacement and installation services can instantly update an old bathroom shower. 

From drab to fab in just one day, one of our technicians can easily install a frameless shower door to maximize space in the bathroom while allowing the natural light to filter through.

Glass repair
residential glass window repairs and replacements

Emergency Glass Repair Services

Broken glass on your property isn’t just a health hazard, but one that could cause safety problems for those involved if not handled in a timely manner. If you notice glass breakage on your property, first, always confirm that your loved ones are safe. Once you have done that, make sure to contact us in Toronto and the GTA to have us handle the broken glass. Avoid handling shattered glass on your own as it is dangerous and may make the situation worse!

Fortunately, our emergency services allow us to offer around-the-clock solutions for broken window glass repair and replacement. If the entrance to your home or storefront is opened, we can board it up in no time!

At Prime Glass Windows & Doors we offer many specialty services, especially for those that own storefronts in the area. We can close your entrances in the case of an emergency and ensure that no harm is done to the contents of your property. If you need our assistance, we are only a phone call away!

Residential Window Glass Repair Services


Repairs & Replacement

Same Day Glass Window Repair Services Near me


Emergency Glass & Door Services

WINDOW Installation

Residential or Commercial windows installation, repairs or replacement for your dwelling, building or business.

glass shower door


Beautiful frameless shower Glass Partitions for your bathroom facelift, or shower glass replacement.

Glass Replacement

Foggy, broken, shattered, cracked, or dated glass, we can replace glass to good as new for storefronts, windows & doors, and glass partitions.


Emergency Glass & Door Services


Storefront window display glass and exquisite for your store or business. Beautiful Glass Installed.

Door Installation

Residential or Commercial door installation and repairs for your dwelling, commercial project or business.


Emergency Glass

Break-ins, accidents, disasters, shattered or cracked glass, phone GTA Glass. We are on-call 24/7 to help with your emergency windows and doors needs.


Emergency Glass & Door Services


Have dazzling office spaces with glass partitions for your office and meeting room spaces.


Commercial or Condo Building windows and glass balconies installation, repairs and replacement

24 Hour Emergency Service

Available anytime of day for your Glass and Door needs and emergency repairs. On-demand, just a call away for immediate service.

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