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Access control systems provide residential, industrial and commercial buildings with extra security features and better safety for property owners and prospective customers alike. With locks, fobs, card access systems, and enhanced door protection, your house or storefront is sure to be protected 24hs a day.

With Prime Glass Windows & Doors, homeowners and business owners can rest assured that their requested access control systems are professionally installed. If you wish to know more about how we operate, do not hesitate to call us at 416-627-0883.

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The Types of Control Systems We Provide

Our licensed technicians can equip your home or business with sturdy aluminum doors, resistant front windows, and efficient lock systems. When contacting our expert team to provide your property with the security it deserves, we will ensure to install the following:

Intercom Control 

With the highest level of security, intercom systems allow property owners to first communicate with visitors before letting them inside. People can only enter the building if the owner unlocks the doors with a buzzer.

Fob System

Fobs work efficiently for rooms that require restricted access. Instead of keys, authorized people can use a fob to open any doors that remain efficiently locked otherwise.

Card Access

Similar to fobs, card control systems allow authorized users to enter any area by opening the door with a card and nothing else. Card access systems are very reliable security systems.


Keypads work in the same way passwords do. With keypads, doors only unlock and open if someone types or presses the buttons with the required code number onto the keypad. Whoever has no access to the number code will not be able to open any doors.

Security cameras

In addition to keypads, cards or fobs, security can be reinforced with the use of cameras. Before allowing anyone without access inside a building, managers can use security cameras to check who is trying to gain access to the property and, only then, allow the visitor to come in.

Access control systems prevent unwanted and unauthorized personnel inside a building and stop employees or visitors from entering a restricted area, while keeping business’ assets safe. With Prime Glass Windows & Doors, you can be sure that your property building will be secured 24 hours a day, every day.

Access Control Installation Near Me

The Six Benefits Of Access Control Installation

Installing access control systems can greatly benefit the security of your property. Access control installation services with Prime Glass Windows & Doors are beneficial because:

  • They’re easy to control remotely

  • We provide a safe environment for everyone inside the building

  • Provide convenience for property managers

  • Sensitive areas, and even dangerous areas, are highly protected

  • Property managers and store owners can keep a better record of visitors, for safety reasons

  • Any lost control items can be easily deactivated

Prime Glass Windows & Doors offers clients with 24/7 emergency repair services anywhere in Toronto and the GTA. We repair and install damaged glass doors or windows for extra security, aside from providing clients with efficient lockers and safety tools.

Why Choose Prime Glass Windows & Doors for Your Property’s Access Control System Installation

We are committed to providing clients in the Greater Toronto Area with all the security they need – after all, the safety of our customers is a number one priority at Prime Glass. 

Our licensed technicians are available seven days a week, and we are open 24 hours a day for any security-related emergencies or concerns our customers may have.

To have an access control system installed in your commercial, industrial or residential building, do not hesitate to reach out to Prime Glass Windows & Doors. Contact us today at 416-627-0883 to either request an estimate or inform us of a security emergency – and we will come to your aid right away.

Our professional technicians and installers will be more than happy to assist you with the security of your property by installing the access control system that will better fit your needs.

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