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Break-In Repair Services

Prime Glass Windows & Doors provides 24/7 emergency services in door break-in repair and replacement. We can reinforce or replace your door jam.

When you are the victim of a break-in, you can experience a range of emotions like insecurity, loss and anger because someone has violated your home or business. Prime Glass Windows & Doors can help you feel secure again by providing the following services:

  • Repair of damaged door
  • Installation of new door such as a sliding door
  • Replacement or reinforcement of door jam
  • Replacement of damaged locks
  • Upgrading current locks to high security options with strike plates
  • Upgrading security to patio windows and doors
  • Installation of latch and bolt protectors to cover gap between frame and door
  • Installation of more deadbolts
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Why Choose Us For Your Break in Glass Door Repair

24/7 Emergency break in door repairs: No one wants to end up needing an emergency door repair. However, if someone broke your door or smashed your window, you probably have to spend a few hundred dollars securing your home until you can deal with the situation in the morning. However, there is a more economical solution. We can board up your home and secure it, at a much lower cost. We offer door repair for residential and commercial properties.

Installing or repair a door looks easy on the surface, but anyone who has attempted to tackle this himself will tell you that it is pretty difficult.

First, a standard size and style does not exist. Also, because of the condition of the soil in the GTA Toronto and Southwestern ON area, the foundation of homes may shift and settle. If a door frame had shifted, and you want to replace a door, you can expect to do a lot of sanding and shimming just to get the door to fit in perfectly. This process can take many hours.

If you urgently need a door repaired or installed, call Prime Glass Windows & Doors. We work on interior and exterior doors. Our experts can assess the damage and take care of your door repair or installation needs. You will be impressed by the excellent quality of results that is unparalleled in the industry.

Emergency Break In Glass Door Repair Services

When your entry door of your home or business was damaged by force, you need to contact an emergency door repair service. You have plenty on your mind. After you report this to the authorities, call our emergency door repair service at Prime Glass Windows & Doors.

We provide emergency services 24/7. Call us at (416) 627-0883 from anywhere in the GTA. Our technicians are local, and we can get to your property right away.

Our Break In glass door repair Services toronto

We take pride in offering our clients an extensive range of emergency door repair services. Our highly trained technicians have experience and skills working with all types of doors.

Prime Glass & Aluminum Door Repair offers the following in the Greater Toronto Area:

When you have a break-in, you require a 24-hour emergency door repair service. Call Prime Glass Windows & Doors at 416-627-0883, day or night. Do not leave your property without securing it.

Get peace of mind and have your door fixed. Call Prime Glass Windows & Doors from any location in the Greater Toronto Area. We will go to your place without delay to fix the door. 

Emergency Door Frame Repair

A forced entry can not only break your door, but it will break your door frame as well so you can no longer lock the door. You can call Prime Glass Windows & Doors, day or night, for our emergency repair of your door frame.

Prime Glass Windows & Doors can repair door frames at any location in the GTA, day or night. Just call us any time of the day at (437)980-3477, and we will get there without delay.

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Door Break-In Repair Service Area

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