Commercial Glass Repair & Replacement

Professional Glass Repair experts are able to fix or replace cracked or shattered windows on the same day. On-call, 24 hours a day, because we understand downtime and are on the scene often within the hour.



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Commercial Glass Installation

All glass partitions are customized to your specifications.

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Why Choose Prime Glass

Contact us today to discover how we can help you transform your place of business as well as storefront or mall front. We stand behind our products and services and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Automatic Handicap Doors & Handicap Door Openers Installation Services

Prime Glass offers the highest quality automatic handicap doors and handicap door openers installation services in the Greater Toronto Area. We service and install a wide selection of handicap doors, including handicap swings, handicap sliding doors, handicap revolving doors, handicap ICU doors, handicap telescope doors, apartment handicap doors and handicap washroom doors. Each door is custom designed as per customers’ requirements.

Commercial Glass Door Services

If you own a commercial location in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, our commercial glass door services are here to care for all your glass door and window needs. Prime Glass Windows offers a full range of glass door and window repair, replacement and maintenance services to keep your commercial location functioning at 100%.  

The front door of your business is the first thing your valued customers will see even before they set foot in your commercial location. Why not impress them with a brilliant door that tells of the opulence and attention-to-detail that is a hallmark of your business. If your glass door has suffered damage or smashed altogether, don’t wait another minute. We offer a full range of turn-key solutions to keeping your glass doors in full function at the most competitive prices on the market.

We provide emergency commercial glass door repair and replacement to all the following locations in the GTA. Call us right away for a precise estimate for your glass door repairs and replacement.

Common Issues With Glass Doors

At Prime Glass Windows we have extensive experience with glass doors and know what it takes to keep these beautiful doors looking and functioning their best indefinitely.  

To get the most from the glass door gracing the front of your commercial location we highly recommend you take a moment to inspect your doors regularly. It doesn’t take any special skill or technical know-how to tell if your glass doors are working well or not. Furthermore, it is far easier and more cost effective to keep your door functioning perfectly, than to apply repairs and replacements in an emergency.  

From our wealth of experience in the matter, here is what we can tell you about the most common issues that glass doors face:  

Water Leakage — water leakage is one of the most common issues with glass doors and windows. Because this small issue can lead to even bigger issues, it is essential that these leaks are dealt with quickly. Sometimes the issue is very small, but water that is entering due to faulty door seals, gutters, skylights and blocked weep holes can cause water damage and costly repairs.  

Air leaks — sometimes air leaks are caused by shoddy installation work, cracking or broken seals and even manufacturing flaws. But no matter the cause, air leaks deteriorate your insulation, leading to thermal inefficiency and the high energy bills they can cause.  

Broken or Cracked Glass — despite the strength and hardness of glass doors and windows, they can crack and even shatter when impacted with excessive force. Cracked and broken glass is a danger to customers, employees and the general public and should be addressed immediately.  

It is a good idea to take a minute to inspect your doors and windows sporadically and certainly after a heavy rain. If you notice any of the aforementioned issues, call us up right away to perform a full inspection and maintenance work to prevent these issues from resulting in more expensive repairs in the future. 

Not only is the front door of your business an important element of your security but an equally important element of your company image. A glass door in impeccable conditions speaks volumes about the business within.  If the glass door in front of your business is not functioning well or has cracks, your clients may doubt your professionalism and even fear for their safety. Improperly installed doors and doors in any state of disrepair is also an invitation for opportunistic thieves to enter and steal

Some of our Professionals Services Include:

  • Repair a Warped, Loose Door
  • Install Geared Continuous Hinges
  • Repair Doors That Won’t Close Properly
  • Adjust Glass Doors
  • Door Hinges Replacement
  • Repair a Sagging, Dragging or Binding Door
  • Door Pivot Adjustment, Replacement
  • Door Reinforcement
  • Door Closer Repair
  • Repair Door Closer Leaking Oil
  • Mount Surface or Concealed Door Closers
  • Install, Repair Alarm Lock Devices
  • Buzzer Systems
  • Remove Broken Key
  • Repair and Replace Door Hardware
  • Additional Security Features Against Burglaries
  • Repair Hook Bolt
  • Door Lock Repairs 
  • Repair Push Bar
  • And more…

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Your commercial windows and doors are a vital part of your presentation and the functionality of your business. Don’t let small issues get in the way of your business, call us and have the local professionals in glass door repair and replacement work apply professionals in keeping your doors and windows in perfect conditions.

Some of our projects

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