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Understanding the Latest

Windows and Doors

The windows and doors in your home do a lot more than just keep the elements out. Instead, using the latest technology can help you heat and cool your property for less. When you contact Prime Glass Windows & Doors to discuss your window and door replacement needs, the experts in windows and doors Mississauga will catch you up on the latest available technology.

The ability to keep your home comfortable throughout the year is made easy when you have replacement doors and windows installed. Alongside the replacement of windows and doors, you will find plenty of turnkey solutions to your needs at Prime Glass. You will be amazed at the difference new windows and doors make to your home.

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Replacement Windows in Mississauga

Your windows perform many of the most important functions in your home, including keeping the conditioned air inside. The abilities of modern windows have changed and evolved over the last few years. You may be wondering when is the best time to replace your windows? The answer is to take a look at your windows and decide if they look old and damaged. Chipped or flaking paint around the frames is a sure sign that your windows have outlived their time. Flaking and chipped paint is a sign that the lifespan of your windows has been reached and your need to take action.

Some rooms in your home may be drafty, with the breeze from outside worse near certain windows. After a few years of being in place, a window can become warped or shift in its opening, allowing air to move into your home. Most windows in Mississauga are double-paned, meaning you should not be able to hear the majority of noise outside your home.

Emergency Residential & Commercial Glass Services

Installing Exterior Doors in Mississauga

Energy-efficient windows have made all the difference to how your replacement doors will allow your property to feel. A new door will give your home a new lease of life and help it look impressive. Exterior doors plug a large hole in your building envelope. An outdated exterior door will allow air to flood through it and cool your home in the winter months. During the warmer months of the year, an ill-fitting door will allow hot air to creep into your home and drive up your cooling costs.

You may question how a new exterior door will help you to limit your utility bills throughout the year. By installing energy-efficient windows and doors Mississauga, you could save up to 30 percent on your utility bills. One of the main ways you will benefit from the installation of a new exterior door is through the increased curb appeal your property will enjoy. A new exterior door creates a welcoming environment for your guests to enjoy when they arrive day or night. The technology used to create new exterior doors has not limited the beauty of a newly finished door on your property.

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