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Door Push Bar Repair & Installation

Commercial buildings typically have unique door requirements. For instance, they require a door inaccessible from the outside without keys yet capable of being opened from the inside for emergency purposes. Most of these doors are outfitted with panic and push bars to accommodate this unique feature.

We work with seasoned specialists and utilize the best available tools to fix all kinds of doors. We can replace everything from handles, and remote sensors, to hinges to get a door back working as it should. We also replace broken parts to get damaged and malfunctioning doors back up and running. 

Commercial Door Hinge Replacement or Repair Services

Commercial Door Closer Repair Services

– Commercial Door Push Bar Repair Services

door push bar repair
door push bar repair

Common Commercial Door Push Bar Repair Services

We have a professional team that offers a lot of different services. The most popular service we offer is panic bar door repair, maintenance, and installation. This can help you secure your commercial property and be fully ready for accessible evacuation. 


The problems that require repair are usually typical, and the lock may need to be replaced. While the design is typically very reliable, it does tend to break down over time like anything else. Because of this, you may require commercial door panic bar repair at some point. Or, you could need a brand new installation if it cannot be repaired.


Your push bar door will need to be repaired if you notice any of the following:


– It shows a lot of wear and tear.

– The lock is jamming.

– The pushers are getting jammed.

– The handles are worn out.


Any problems with the door itself can be caused by a couple of things such as: 


– Alarm panel failure.

– The inability to unlock the door.

– The inability to lock the door.


If you find yourself in these situations, you’ll want to call on the best company to handle your push bar door repair in Toronto. You can contact us to keep your push and panic bar functioning properly. We have professionals working around the clock to assist you with your needs throughout the Greater Toronto Area. You can choose our services to keep your pusher working correctly and prevent future issues.

Push Bars and Panic Bars

Each of these has the same mechanics. Push and panic bars are designed to open and unlock a door in an emergency. They adhere to the door as a horizontal spring bar. These bars are easy to use for anyone and successfully unlock the door even if locked. The system is designed to be used without a key from the inside. At the same time, it cannot be opened from the outside without keys. Because of this, it can be a good option for a commercial property to protect the building yet offer an accessible exit in the event of an emergency. Additionally, push bars can provide more convenience for your entire staff.

Pushers Reliability

These products’ mechanisms will help you secure your commercial property from being entered without authorization. This is because the pusher mechanism can only be assessed with keys. The pusher mechanism keeps the rod at a peak until keys are inserted and used. We can help you find the most reliable bar for your premises. We can also help you find the one that will not break down after repeated use, so you don’t have to call on us for repair services in the future. However, you will need to get maintenance and prevention services if you want to ensure its reliability and pass your inspections. You want to stay on top of the maintenance needs because it can help you prevent more significant issues in the future.

Push Bar Door Installation

Getting these push bars installed for your business is one of the best ways to secure it. It’s a fast process, and it guarantees long-lasting and reliable operation. The typical process consists of the following: 


Many systems and doors accompanying them are built to higher standards than other options. You will find that they are typically resistant to breakage because they are built to be more durable and because they need to pass specific safety standards. Thus, compliance with standards of design and installation keeps them reliable.

Commercial Door Push Bar Repair In GTA

We don’t limit our services to Toronto. We offer professional repair services to all property owners throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Therefore, if you are a commercial property owner and need commercial door or window repair, installation, or replacement – we’ve got you covered. You can call us, and we will be able to deliver high-quality services that are competitively priced no matter where you’re located. We have skilled, trained, and experienced technicians who handle everything you need around the clock. All our staff can take the transportation of the materials and tools you need for a complete commercial door replacement or repair. 

We know how important your time is. This is especially true if you are a commercial business. That’s why we offer emergency repair services to our clients. We try to provide the quickest commercial repair services to all clients in the GTA. You can call us to work on anything from hotels to restaurants to commercial office buildings. We’ve got the experienced staff, the tools, and the know-how to handle any problem. We can ensure that your entrances are kept safe and secure with our experienced repair technicians and installers. When you call us for your needs, we expedite the request and put our skilled team on it. You can count on us to deliver commercial door push bar repair or new installation services to get your building back to normal. Prime Glass Windows and Doors is your go-to window and door services business; you can contact us at (416)-627-0883. We have representatives standing by awaiting your call to assist you in your time of need.

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