Protect Your Windows Against Cold Weather

Protect Your Windows Against Cold Weather

Has the cost of heating your home skyrocketed? One of the best methods to conserve energy and keep your home warm and cozy during the winter is to shield your windows from the elements. 

Use the following advice to seal your home from drafts and prepare your windows for the cold season.

Change Your Windows

Do you still have the sheers up even though it’s cold outside? Sheer cotton, lace, and linen aren’t going to do much to stop the frigid air from penetrating into your chamber. Change them out with insulated curtains with multiple layers in the winter to keep the cold air out. The reflective film layer included in these energy-saving curtains helps to trap warm air within the room rather than letting it escape.

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Replace the Weather Stripping Around Your Windows

Energy costs rise as a direct result of drafty windows since the HVAC system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable environment. Changing out worn weatherstripping around your windows is one approach to fix this problem. 

If your weatherstripping is starting to wear down, you may easily locate the problem areas by waving a lit incense stick around the frame of a window or door. A draft can be detected if the smoke is drawn out of or blown into the room. To prevent air leaks and improve indoor comfort, replace any old weatherstripping with fresh material in this spot.

Caulk the Window Seals

Having drafty windows and sashes can significantly increase your heating and cooling costs. The window frame needs to be properly sealed in order to avoid air leakage. You may prevent water from seeping in through any gaps in the window frame by using store-bought caulking.

Always remember to clean the area surrounding the window, remove any old caulk with a putty knife, and fix any damaged or missing wood before applying the new caulk with a caulking gun. For the best results, give the caulk at least 24 hours to dry after application.

Foam the Frames

Caulk probably won’t be enough to close gaps wider than 2 inches. For jobs of this kind, it’s best to use an expanding spray foam that can completely fill any gaps.

The pliability of window and door gap filler means that it can expand and contract with the weather and prevent further damage to your window frame.

Get a Draft Stopper

It’s possible for chilly air to seep in through your windows and window sills. A towel may not be effective in blocking the air from seeping in, thus it’s recommended that you invest in a draft stopper or draft snake from Prime Window Glass. Fabric and plastic versions are available that will keep out strong winds without compromising the look of your window.

Use Plastic Film

Applying plastic insulating film over your window’s entirety is a great way to seal it off and reduce the drafts that come through drafty single-pane windows. Plastic film is simple to apply and remove, and it costs relatively little. Also, it’s about the same as putting another pane of glass in your window.

Replace Cracked Windows

Do any of your glass panels look like they’ve been broken? Expansion and cracking can occur more easily in the cold. Snow and wind might add enough pressure to cause the glass to fracture. Get in touch with a window repairman here at Prime Windows Glass to get any breaks in the glass fixed or replaced.

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Install Storm Windows

A storm window is an excellent investment for those who must endure the bitter cold of places. These windows are added on top of your current ones to serve as an extra layer of defense against the elements and to increase the level of insulation in your home.

Go for Energy-efficient Windows

When you replace your old windows with new energy-efficient ones, you can avoid the cost and trouble of repairs, maintenance, and weatherproofing. Modern window materials are much more advanced than their predecessors, giving increased warmth and protection from the elements during the colder months. The end effect is reduced energy costs, reduced maintenance needs, and year-round convenience.


Keep the cold out this winter by sealing your home properly. Taking these measures could result in significant annual cost savings. Windows that have any kind of openings that could let in the chilly air should be inspected. To assist you further, get in touch with Prime Glass Windows & Doors today! 

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