Repair A Window Seal

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Window Seal?

It’s no secret that windows are a major source of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. That’s why it’s important to make sure your window seals are in good condition.

If you’ve noticed that your windows are draftier than usual, it might be time to repair the window seals. The cost of doing so will depend on the size and type of window and the severity of the damage. However, it’s generally relatively affordable and easy to fix if you are familiar with window repair tasks.


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Window Seal Repair

What Is A Window Seal?

A window seal is a material used to close off or cover an opening. It is most often employed in sealing gaps between two different environments, such as air-conditioned spaces and the outdoors. The purpose of this “seal” is to prevent moisture or other elements from entering the interior environment through these openings, which would otherwise prove harmful to those inside.

The materials can range from a sheet or strip of plastic material, as is common in older vehicles used for inclement weather, all the way up to complex and heavy materials such as metal grates used on larger structures such as planes and commercial buildings. There are also simple forms of window seals that we see all the time, like double-paned glass or plastic film, which are used as a cheaper alternative to more complex window seals such as those made of metal.

Window seals can also refer to other sealant materials, such as caulk and insulation foam. Caulk, usually made of polyurethane or silicone, is primarily used to fill gaps between window panes or between the wall and the window frame. This type of sealant material serves a similar function as more costly methods of sealing windows- preventing air leakage while also insulating against heat loss or gain.


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Factors That Affect The Cost To Repair A Window Seal

What is a reasonable price to expect to pay for window seal repair? To determine if you’re paying a fair price, it’s helpful to be aware of all the variables that go into this service. These factors include:


  • The type of material used. Typically, standard window seal replacement will only be required if the old material has deteriorated or been damaged beyond repair. In most cases, the material will be vinyl, aluminum, or rubber.
  • Size of the window. Windows come in various sizes and can vary by several feet depending on the dimensions. This variable directly affects the labor cost, thus affecting the overall cost of repair.
  • Type of window frame. If you have an older home where the windows are original to the structure, you may find that certain types of frames are more difficult or impossible to replace. If the window is located at a significant height, such as on an upper floor of a home, you may also encounter additional costs to access the required area.
  • Rarely do one-size-fits-all. Every home and job site has its unique variables which can affect the price – so it’s essential to shop around for a contractor that fits your specific needs. Compare estimates from several companies before you decide on a contractor if time and budget allow.

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Window Seal Repair
Window Frame

Tell-Tale Signs You Need Window Seal Repair

Worn-out and damaged window seals can cause leaks and drafts. Even one broken seal on a door or window is enough to let cold air in, driving up your heating bills and making you uncomfortable all through the winter. And since windows are some of the largest sources of heat loss, putting off window seal repair can cost you as much as 1/3 of your heating bill.


There are several tell-tale signs that you need to have your windows sealed:


  • Cracks In The Window Frame – The frame must be in good condition for a window’s seal to work correctly. Cracks along the frame can let air pass through them, resulting in drafts and moisture damage.
  • Worn Out Weather Stripping – If your weatherstripping is worn out or damaged, it’s time for a replacement. You can tell if your weather stripping needs replacing by running your hand over the surface; you should not be able to move your fingers back and forth easily. Also, if it feels loose, the seal is no longer working properly.
  • Warped Panes Of Glass – Sometimes, glass becomes warped over time due to exposure to extreme weather conditions (heat, cold, rain). The uneven surface can cause problems with sealing; it may be time to get replacement glass if you notice this kind of warping.
  • Mold Around The Windows – A sign that your window seals are not doing their job is the development of mold around them or on your window sills. This can result from tiny cracks through which moisture gets in; it’s best to take care of this problem as soon as possible.
  • Condensation In The Window Frame – If you notice that there’s a lot of condensation in the window frame itself, this is another sign that you need to take care of your window seals. Cold air coming in through cracks and crevices can cause water vapor (in the form of condensation).
  • Moisture On The Outside Of Windows – If you notice water pooling outside your window, the warm air inside is escaping through cracks and crevices. It’s no longer being trapped inside, so it’s getting cold and forming frost around the edges. That’s another sign of faulty window seals.
  • Drafts Around The Windows – One of the most important signs that you need window seal repair is if you’re noticing drafts around your windows. This makes it challenging to stay comfortable in your own home and makes heating bills climb higher than they should. If you’ve tried to seal cracks around the window with caulk and weather stripping but can still feel cold air coming in, you probably need to care for your window seals.

Professional Window Seal Repair in Toronto

Window Seal Repair in Toronto can be a time-consuming and challenging project. This is why you need the professionals at Prime Glass to handle it for you! We will come out, evaluate your window seal problem, provide an estimate of the cost to repair or replace them and then complete the work as soon as possible. Call us today for professional window seal repair in Toronto to keep your home looking great long into the future.

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