How Long Does a Residential Glass Replacement Take

How Long Does a Residential Glass Replacement Take?

The windows of a house are one of the essential parts of your home, protecting you and your property from wind and rain, and unwanted intruders and playing a vital role in providing natural light and ventilation.

Unfortunately, as windows age, they become less efficient or might cause problems, such as leaks or drafts, and must be replaced.

This blog will examine how long a residential glass replacement takes and which factors affect it.

How Long Does a Residential Glass Replacement Take? 

Especially if you have never had to replace your windows, you’ll likely be worried about how long it will take and how long your home will be exposed to the outside. So, let’s look at the factors affecting residential window glass replacement.

Factors affecting the time to replace residential glass in a window

Choosing the Right Window

The first step is to choose the right window for your home. There are many different types of windows to choose from, which can affect the timeline. Different types of glass are also available, such as double- and triple-pane, laminated, or insulated.

Getting the correct measurements is critical, which is why the installer will come to your home to measure each window precisely to ensure that everything is right before the windows go into production.

If you are unsure which window is right for you, contact Prime Glass Windows and Doors at 416-627-0883 or fill out our convenient online form to find out how our specialists can help you find the right window for your home. We will also be able to give you an estimate for the timeline of the whole process.

Location and Access

The location of your windows also can significantly affect the time the residential glass repair will take. Replacing windows on the ground floor will generally be faster than any located higher up.

The same goes for access if you have trees or other vegetation close to your house and windows or other things that could obstruct access to the windows.

Removing the Old Windows

Removing your old windows does not take long, and our installers take the utmost care to protect the frame and wall. However, once the windows have been removed, potential structural issues may become visible that must be taken care of before the new windows can be installed. 

Making minor adaptations

Sometimes the installers have to make minor adaptations to the opening and the walls to ensure the new windows fit perfectly. Unless there are major structural issues to be taken care of, our professionals are equipped to handle these adaptations, and while it will slow things down a bit, it will not take them long to prepare.


The installation of the windows takes about 30-45 minutes per window. The installation doesn’t just include putting the window in place and sealing all edges and joints. The installers will also perform tests on the newly installed windows.

While inspecting the windows, our professionals will also examine the framework around the windows to determine any gaps or cracks that must be sealed to ensure no moisture or air can enter your home. They will open and close the windows to ensure they open easily and seal well. Another thing they will check is the locks to make sure they work correctly for your safety.

This process will add some time to the installation, but it is essential to ensure everything is perfect before our installers leave your premises.

What can you do to make your window installation go more quickly?

While our installers will come with all the tools and materials to efficiently perform the window replacement service, there are a few things that you can do to help expedite the process.

Begin with taking down all window treatments, such as blinds or curtains.

Please also ensure that the installers have clear paths to your windows inside and outside your home. This can include furniture or objects on or near the walls of your windows, such as pictures or mirrors. We recommend keeping at least three feet around the windows clear to give the installers space to work.

As our installers will need to access your windows on both the exterior and interior of your home, you should leave your door unlocked to ensure a smooth process. 

DIY vs. Professional

While you can replace your windows yourself to either reduce the cost or because of your schedule, it is essential to remember that installing windows can be time-consuming. There are many advantages to trusting a professional window replacement company with the project.

Our installers have the experience and expertise of hundreds of window installations and the right tools and equipment to perform the service. This will save both time and effort as they also have the experience to check the window opening for potential structural problems that only become obvious once the window is removed.

Another critical factor is that hiring a professional company has a warranty covering work and windows should any problems arise after the installation.

Call Prime Glass Windows & Door for Residential Glass Replacement

Prime Glass Windows & Doors is the leading residential repair and replacement windows and doors company in Toronto and the GTA.

Our professional team offers window glass repairs and glass replacement for all types and sizes of windows. We’ve worked with numerous clients for residential and commercial window glass repair services and sliding door repair. Our professional team is here when you’re faced with unavoidable circumstances, such as window cranks, broken awning windows, break-ins, busted doors, broken window frames, and glass panes.

Contact us today at 416-627-0883 or fill out our convenient online form to find out how our specialists can help you with your residential glass repair and replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should it take to replace a house window?

On average, replacing a window takes between 30-45 minutes. Please note that several factors can affect the time it takes to replace a window, such as potential structural issues or problems with window access.

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