Single Hung Window

Can A Single Hung Window be Repaired?

Window repair can be a tricky business. Sometimes, a single-hung window can be repaired without too much trouble. But other times, the damage is more extensive and requires more work. In either case, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before starting any repairs. By understanding the types of repairs that can be made and the level of difficulty involved, you can decide whether to DIY or call in the pros.


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Single-Hung Windows

Understanding Single-Hung Windows

Plain glass windows are one of the most common types of windows. Single-hung means that there is only a moving part on the window, which allows the window to open and close vertically. The upper sash moves up or down within the frame, while the lower sash slides horizontally, allowing for ventilation.

A single-hung window is designed with two functional parts, which are referred to as “sashes.” The bottom or stationary sash is attached directly to the window frame, while the top or movable sash is hinged to the stationary one. The two parts are held together with metallic hardware that allows them to move up and down.

Compared to double-hung windows, single-hung windows do not open too wide, but they do allow more light than any other type of window. They are also simpler to clean because they can be accessed from the outside. Another reason why single-hung windows are usually not able to be opened entirely for proper ventilation is the weight of the top sash. This means that fresh air enters through vents or louvers that are built into upper sashes. Air is then vented out through the lower sash.

Single-hung windows are less energy-efficient than double- or triple-paned units, but they can still provide a high degree of comfort — especially when paired with storm windows. Storm windows are most effective when they’re placed outside the main, single-pane glass unit and fitted to the window’s shape. They can be installed without removing the main pane, so they save time and money during installation.


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Can You Repair A Single-Hung Window?


If you have a single hung window that needs repair, it can be fixed. However, the cost will depend on how severe the damage is to your window. If there are any damages to the sashes or panes, this will increase the price. But if it is only jammed up and will not close all of the ways, it should be an inexpensive fix.

  • How to fix a broken bottom sash?

When the lower sash of a single-hung window doesn’t stay up, it’s often because the spring is broken. Fixing the problem is relatively straightforward. You’ll need to remove the bottom sash of the window and replace the spring.

  • How to fix a broken spring?

Your window may be double-hung, with upper and lower sashes that slide up and down inside the frame. Each sliding sash has its own set of springs or counterweights, which balances its weight. You can identify a broken spring by watching the weight slowly descend and hit the bottom of the window, particularly if you did not notice that one of your counterweights or springs is missing.

  • How to remove a single-hung sash?

The traditional way to repair a broken single-hung window is to replace both upper and lower weights — but make sure you buy the exact weight your window needs, or your repair won’t hold. You’ll also need to hire a professional if you don’t want to risk breaking the glass in the process.

If you have a double-hung window, identify which sash is broken to know what type of weight to purchase. Purchase the correct replacement weights and set them aside.

  • How to replace a single-hung sash?

Use the putty knife to pry out any caulk surrounding both sides of the window sash. Next, remove the nails around the perimeter of both sashes. If you’re replacing one side, you can stop here. If you’re replacing both sides, pry out any nails holding the two halves together and remove the bottom piece of glass and weights.

Replace your broken spring with a new one by sliding it through the hole in the top of your window sash. You should hear it snap into place.

A single-hung repair could cost as little as $50 or as much as $200, depending on how complicated the issue is with your window. There is a chance that you will be able to do the repairs yourself with some basic tools and materials. However, if you’re not confident doing it, you can count on your local glass repair company in Toronto for professional help.


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Repair A Single-Hung Window

Professional Glass Window Repair Toronto

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