Commercial Aluminum Door Repair

Can a Door-Closer Be Repaired?

Lately, you have noticed that the door to your home, bedroom, or business has been a little off. It is loose or does not close properly and needs repair. The question is – can it even be repaired in the first place?

The simple answer? Yes. Absolutely.

How Do I Know My door-closer is Broken?

There are some signs to look for if you suspect something is wrong with your door:

  • It does not entirely shut
  • Or it closes too loudly and strongly
  • You quickly lose control of your door
  • You often need to adjust the door within its frame
  • The door usually bounces when closed

Put simply; it is easy to notice when a door-closer is broken. But fear not – at Prime Glass Windows & Doors, we are door and window repair specialists. We can fix your door for a good period – and at a reasonable price.

How We Do It

We offer a reasonable price to install and repair services for doors and windows in the GTA.

For our door-closer repair services, we advise clients to look for professional assistance rather than trying to repair a door independently – and we can be the assistance you need. For over 17 years, we have provided our clients with the best rates and fast responses for their emergencies.

We Care About Your Security

At Prime Glass Windows & Doors, we understand the security of our clients comes first – be it the security of their homes or businesses. We also understand how important their time and money are. That is why we provide fast and reliable same-day repair services throughout Toronto and the GTA.

Why Choose Prime Glass Windows & Doors For Your Door-closer Repair?

We are a locally operated window and door repair company with fully-licensed staff and fast services. Our appointments are based on the convenience of our clients, and we offer discounted prices based on their needs.

When your door closer needs to be repaired, we at Prime Glass Windows & Doors can come to your home or business to assist you with what you need – and provide your security with a reliable, fast and friendly service.

Call Prime Glass Windows & Doors today to schedule a free estimate on our commercial steel door repair and replacement services in the GTA or for more details.

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