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Can A Broken Double-Pane Window be Repaired?

Windows are a crucial part of any home. They let in light and fresh air and provide security and insulation. However, when a window breaks, it can be a major inconvenience. If you have a broken double-pane window, can it be repaired?

The probability that a broken double-pane window can be repaired depends on the type of damage. For example, if one pane in a double-pane window is broken, but the other isn’t, then it may be possible to repair just that one pane. If both panes are damaged or if parts of both panes are missing, repairing the window may be infeasible or not an option.

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Double-Pane Window Repair in Toronto


Lots of times our Toronto clients will call us up to come out and see double-pane windows that are broken–whether it’s glass or plastic in between the two panes or even the frame itself has been cracked. Fortunately, our experts were able to repair those successfully.

Window repairs for double-pane windows consist of several steps:

1.       Prep work and inspection of the window itself

The first step of any glass repair is to either replace or reinforce the existing structure supporting and holding the glass panes together. This can be done by reinforcing the surrounding area with wooden supports. The reason for this step is to prevent further injury or damage and ensure that the window is stable during replacement.

2.       Removal of broken glass panes

Once all necessary precautions have been taken, use a pneumatic glass cutting tool to remove one or both pieces of broken glass. Protect surrounding areas with drop cloths and other appropriate materials, especially the floor; broken glass is extremely dangerous when not handled properly.

3.       Replacement or glazing of broken glass panes

If necessary, replace one or both pieces of broken glass. For single-pane windows, use metal glazing points to hold the glass in place. Use glazing putty to cement the pieces of broken glass together, and apply finishing touches with a non-sanded grout. For double-pane windows with two pieces of broken glass, use metal glazing points to hold the first piece of glass (the one nearest the gap) in place; then use glazing putty to cement the second piece of glass in place.

4.       Finishing touches

Once the glazing is complete, use a non-sanded grout around all edges and corners to finish the repair (this will prevent chipping and cracking later). Allow it ample time to dry before painting or applying more finishing materials.

To ensure that the broken double pane window repair process goes smoothly and efficiently from start to finish, consider contacting a reliable glass window repair company in Toronto, ON. Luckily, Prime Windows Glass is just a call away in Concord, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, and Mississauga. We specialize in glass repair and installation and can save you time and money by taking care of the entire job.

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Repair Versus Replacement

The first thing to do before deciding if you should repair or replace your double-pane windows is to assess the damage. You can do this by either having a professional come out and evaluate it for you or on your own.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace a double-pane window:

  •         Cost of replacement

The cost of replacing a double-pane window is significant – even more expensive than repairing. However, the cost of having a professional come out and assess the damage to your windows is about $100. This expense might be worth it if you’re not sure what’s wrong with your window or whether or not repair would work.

  •         Energy efficiency

During cold months, double-pane windows keep outside air from getting inside and warm air from getting out. Unfortunately, if your double-pane windows are broken in any way, they may not be able to do this very well anymore. As a result, you’ll probably have to use your heating system more often and pay more during the winter months for energy efficiency purposes.

  •         Ease of replacement

In many cases, it’s easier to replace a double-pane window than to repair it. Because of this, your replacement window will probably be more efficient than before. If you do decide to have your windows repaired, there are several things the pros should consider:

o   The age of your windows

o   How many panes need replacement?

o   The cause of the damage

o   How much energy efficiency you’re willing to sacrifice?

o   The cost of repair

If your windows are old, they may not be very efficient anymore regardless of whether or not you repair them . In this case, it would probably make more sense to replace them. However, if parts of the window need replacement, it’s usually better to replace the whole window instead of having it repaired.

If it turns out that your windows can’t be repaired, you should look into replacing them as soon as possible – they may not be as energy-efficient as they used to be, and you’ll probably have to pay more for heating and cooling throughout the year.


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Professional Glass Window Repair Toronto ON

We understand that broken double-pane windows can be a headache, but we’re here to help. Our team of experienced professionals is ready and waiting to address any window glass repair needs you may have. Of course, you might be able to fix a broken window yourself, but it’s not worth the risk. Get professional Mississauga glass repair services by Prime Glass.

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