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Fire Rated Doors: How They Work & Their Benefits

Businesses and homes are prone to go through a number of hazards. However, a major threat that we commonly see, especially in buildings, is many protections against fire – hydrants, hoses, exits, and fire-rated doors as well.

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This article will touch on fire-rated doors, how they work and what their benefits are.

How Do Fire-rated Doors Work

Buildings require a lot of protection on all of their floors. A lot of stairs can be found, with signals of where to go; at least one fire hose and fire hydrant are placed in a corner, and there is always an alarm to be activated in case of a fire.

Fire-rated doors were made to stop buildings from being consumed by fire smoke. They are very heavy and resistant doors that keep fire flames from spreading, allowing people to escape and, consequently, saving their lives.

Fire-rated doors are a part of a system called PFP – Passive fire protection. This system uses walls and doors that are fire-rated throughout entire commercial buildings and residences. The firewalls and floors separate the building with the goal to stop a potential spread of fire or smoke from one room to another.

Each one of these rooms contains a fire-rated door.

Fire-rated doors are installed with frames and hardware that are fabricated especially to be fire-resistant. They are made from metals and gypsum and, therefore, can not only stop the fire from spreading but also hold it for several minutes – either half an hour or one hour and a half.

All fire-rated doors must include a rating that showcases the amount of time they can hold fire before combusting. This label must be included in each part of the fire-rated door – frame, hinge, and panel.

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Benefits of Fire-rated Doors

It goes without saying that the prime and number one benefit of having a fire-rated door is quite clear: to stop the fire from spreading throughout a building. Other benefits of fire-rated doors include the protection of assets and employees. 

If you are caught in a fire in the middle of work hours, a fire-rated door can give you the benefit of saving yourself and others, and there is no need for other rooms of the building to be affected – which allows you to recover from fire and get back to business in a short period of time.

Another benefit of fire-rated doors is that, aside from stopping smoke, they stop toxic gases along the way. If a business deals with chemicals, then having fire-rated doors can bring a great deal of security, not only for workers but also for the business’ property.

Of course, for these benefits to be correctly implemented, the fire-rated door must be completely closed.

How Prime Glass Windows & Doors Can Help You

At Prime Glass Windows & Doors, we ensure the total safety of our clients. We provide metal and fire-rated door installation and repair services throughout all of Toronto and the GTA.

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