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5 Steps to Replacing the Window Pane in Your Door

Windows provide a great deal of natural light into a room, aside from assisting your home with both the cooling and the heating systems. In search of more lighting, some of us opt to have window panes on our doors.

Doors that have window panes are very common and provide a chic touch to the atmosphere of a house. And, just like with any other window, they need care every once in a while. 

Why Should You Replace Your Window Pane

You realize it is time to replace the window pane of your door when the energy efficiency is absent, or when the glass presents cracks or condensation. It is also worrisome when there is an issue with this door’s safety. In the least concerning scenarios, replacing your window pane might be a good idea if they are too old or out of style.

You can replace the window panes of your door with Prime Glass Windows & Doors. We offer our clients great and reliable window services if they need installment or replacement.

The 5 Steps You Should Take If You Want to Replace the Window Pane of Your Door

If you have noticed any of the above-mentioned signs that the windows of your door pane are ready for a replacement, then there are 5 steps you must take. They are:

1. Contact Prime Glass Windows & Doors

By reaching out to us, you are guaranteeing that a professional and high-quality service will be provided to you. Order your replacement window pane with us, and we will take care of the other steps for you.

2. Measure and Remove The Glass Window

The damaged glass must be measured beyond the molds for the sake of the placement of the new glass, as it expands when heated up to fit the door. The old glass then must be removed and, if broken, the tape can be placed on it to keep broken pieces tied together.

3. Cut Molding From the Pane

Once the window pane is free of glass, a razor knife can be used to pry the molding without breaking it.

4. Insert the Brand New Glass

With the molding pried, it can be replaced once the new window pane is inserted. With the new measures taken for the glass, it should be easy to place it within the renovated molding.

5. Apply Caulk Before Painting Your Door

The last step is to apply some caulk paste to the molding. This will firm the window pane and glass together before the proper painting can be done.

Prime Glass Windows & Doors Can Do the Work for You

We have technicians available every day of the week throughout the entire Toronto and GTA, ready to provide you with emergency glass repair and replacement services. At Prime Glass Windows & Doors, we can replace the window pane in your door in a fast and reliable way for a reasonable price.

Contact us today at 416-627-0883 and let us help you!

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